Bistrot Cultery

I have a lot of opinions on cultery. Too flimsy. Boring. Too old fashioned. Bad ergonomics. I also don't like the combination that you get in most sets. Ex. I really don't see the need for two forks. I don't care proper table settings! Sabre solves almost all these problems.

  • I like that Sabre Paris lets you assemble your own set with no upcharge for doing so. I counted how many forks I used compared to spoons and knives in my dishwasher and built a set based on real world usage.
  • Fun colors. They feel both fun and classy at the same time
  • The knife has real knife energy. It wouldn't be the best for steak but it could do okay.
  • My biggest criticism is that the soup spoon is almost too large and teaspoon is a little small. I'd rather a spoon that was right in the middle and just have one spoon to rule them all.
  • A dream would be for them to have matching chopsticks with the same colors.
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