About me

I'm a product designer working in digital health based out of San Francisco.

When I'm not working, you can find me cooking up a storm, doing diy projects around the house, biking the hills of Northern California, and watching bike racing on YouTube.

I have a younger sister who is also a Product Designer. She also attended Carnegie Mellon University where she got the same degree, same additional major, and same minor as me. (Information Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, and Communication Design respectively)

About this blog

This site is just a repository of my writing and thoughts. I've been writing for myself in random journals or Google docs but I found these pieces never got finished. I wanted to challenge myself to polish these drafts some more. Medium, Substack, tumblr didn't feel like the right place. I needed a place to publish writing without the expectation of readership but still public enough that felt like something was at stake.

As for technical details, this site is built with Next.js, Sanity.io, and tailwindcss.